Networking & Advocacy

International Presentations
S.No. Forum Place Dates
01. UNESCAP Regional Expert Meeting: Third Regional Review of the Madrid International Plan of Action on Ageing Thailand 2017
02. UNESCAP Regional Expert Forum on Integrated Care for Older Persons China 2017
03. Delegation member in Study tour to Japan ( through Ministry of SJE, GoI) Japan 2013
04. Southern Cross Care Tasmania April 2012
05. World Health Day Forum Melbourne, Australia April 2012
06. Preparatory Meeting for the Asia Pacific Intergovernmental Meeting Beijing, China November, 2011
07. Regional Forum on Elderly Care Services in Asia and the Pacific Nanjing, China January 2011
08. Expert Group Consultative Meet, UNESCAP, Bangkok Indonesia December 2009
09. Nourish the Children, Force for good foundation conference Utah, USA September 2007
10. Conducted Training programme for staff & care givers, Ministry of Social Security, Govt. of Mauritius Mauritius August 2006
11. Seminar on” Emerging Trends & Issues in Ageing in India & Mauritius” Mauritius August 2006
12. Public Health Agency of Canada Ottawa July 2006
13. UN – International network for prevention of elder abuse New York June 2006
14. Global Congress on Ageing, by IFA Denmark June 2006
15. Joint International workshop on ageing with Ministry of Social Security, Mauritius Mauritius June 2006
16. UNESCAP review meeting China Oct. 2004
17. International conference on Ageing by IFA, Montreal Singapore Sept. 2004
18. Consultative meetings with Min. of Social Security, Min. of women & Child Development, Min. of Finance, Govt. of Mauritius Mauritius July 2004
19. Asia Oceania Regional Congress on Gerontology Japan Nov. 2003
20. Training Course on Social Gerontology at UN International Institute on Ageing Malta March 2003
21 Asia Pacific Regional Seminar by UN ESCAP China Sept.2002
22. UN World NGO Forum on Ageing Spain April 2002
23. Participation in the UN 2nd World Assembly on Ageing Madrid ,Spain April 2002
24. Valencia Forum – A scientific & academic meet in Valencia, Spain Valencia, Spain April 2002
25. World NGO Forum on Ageing Madrid , Spain April 2002
26. Paper Presentation at the World Congress of the International Association of Gerontology, Vancouver, Canada July 2001
27. Presentation at UN NGO Committee on Ageing New York USA August 2001
28. Global action on Ageing New York USA August 2001
29. International Federation on Ageing Montreal, Canada August 2001
30. Administration on Ageing, Dept. of Health & Human services, Washington USA August 2001
31. Vedic Wisdom Cultural Centre Toronto, Canada August 2001
32. Indian Associations Vancouver, Toronto, & Washington August 2001
33. Centre for Studies in Ageing Toronto, Canada August 2001
34. American Council for Voluntary International Action USA September 2001
35. 1ST International conference on “Global Challenges Of Rural Ageing” West Virginia, USA June 2000


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