Training & Capacity Building

Key Collaborator : National Institute of Social Defence, Ministry of Social Justice & Empowerment, Govt. of India.
Themes covered : Orientation Program on Basic Care / Issues Related to Elderly, Dementia, healthy ageing, E learning course, Bed side assistance & Home care, age friendly habitats, Legal aid, financial security & post retirement planning. Intergenerational bonding etc.
No. of trainings conducted ( 2010- 17) : 215
No. of personnel trained : 10876
Profile of the trainees : Associations of seniors, NGOs, State, District and local Govt. officials, students & Youth, Corporate groups, police & Health care agencies/ other Departments dealing with elderly

Key Outcome & Impact of the Training & Capacity Building Programmes:
1. Provided a forum and a support group to various civil society groups, NGOs & academic institutions to work together for empowering elderly and an opportunity to address issues collectively,
2. Elicited technical inputs & forged academic collaborations for research and trainings with leading educational institutions and prominent universities,
3. Provided a tool for advocacy & heightened awareness about special needs of older persons, knowledge of geriatric ailments, planning for retirement, dementia,etc.
4. NGOs and seniors’ groups active in the region became more sensitized to the problems of the elderly and are likely to initiate action to solve them.


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