Networking & Advocacy

International Collaborations
Anugraha’s strategy gives importance to networking and advocacy efforts to creatively take advantage of national and international resources, experiences, aspirations and the capabilities of actors, including the governmental, non-governmental and for-profit sectors. The organization has done the remarkable work of weaving successfully its efforts from grassroots levels to international and national policy making and influencing groups and institutions.

Formed International Collaboration with organizations in Mauritius on the issue of Ageing. Memorandum of Understanding (MOU) in this regard was signed between Anugraha and Senior Citizens Council, (Republic of Mauritius) in November 2002. The Ministry of Social Security, National Solidarity and Senior Citizens Welfare and Reform Institutions, Mauritius was the catalyst in fostering collaboration and cooperation among organisations of the two countries, in the areas of programmes pertaining to Ageing and overall development of older persons.

International Federation on Ageing, Canada, Southern Cross Care, Australia & Anugraha Partnership Project - “Building Capacity in Healthcare” April 2006- 07

Title - “Active Ageing”- Partnerships in Community Health.

Purpose - To Provide A Forum For Information Exchange, Awareness Generation & Counseling For Senior Citizens”
This project focused on developing awareness material on healthy ageing and provided specialized geriatric inputs to Anugraha for designing brochures, charts, handbills on various age related ailments.


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